The vehicles in our life…

by Abha Deshkar

Dear Baba….

This one’s for you……

Its the 3rd saturday i.e the “parent teacher meet saturday” … A look at the parking lot and I know my father is here…Amidst the display of cars, one vehicle that stands apart is our Blue Kinetic Honda. Feeling a little ashamed I turn back and hide in my class, wondering why it was so necessary for you to attend all parent teachers meetings..

Our blue Kinetic was one of a kind. And lately it had been troubling all the more. The whole building would wake up at the noise it made as you kick started it every morning…

But some of my best moments have also come from the same kinetic…Like going to Gulmandi market every Sunday morning to buy vegetables…Standing in front of my father on the scooter and feeling the wind on a wintry Aurangabad evening….sometimes going off to sleep and then the struggle to keep myself awake..

As the years went by…we bought a Maroon Maruti-800….

You were very clear about learning to drive on your car only…and so you learnt to drive with this car…. every morning when we were asleep you would go……. so that by the end of 2 months you could take us for our first looong drive…

It was definitely one of the best days of my life…..I can still remember the the dark maroon seat covers…no child lock on the windows because I was old enough now….cleaning the screen with a shower of water…wondering from where it came….the initial long drives…the music system with the same cassette playing again and again….and you coming to pick me up from my classes when it got late…

With a shift of a job, came the chauffeur driven Silver Maruti- Esteem….

Now that definitely added a lot of esteem…It was a long car…one that I had only perhaps secretly dreamt of…. and was chauffeur driven with not one but 2 drivers on our call anytime, anyday.  It was a dream come true and yet at the same time it meant that you would drive less and less.. Now it was the driver who accompanied me to my classes..and we rarely went for those long drives

Again a change of job bought us the white Ford Explorer… a four wheel drive which was quite intimidating at the first. I wondered how you would drive this mean machine…I mean, you were definitely not getting younger as the years went by…But after the initial fines…you did well and continue to do so.Although I must admit, your insistence to park the car exactly in the allocated place,did bug me.

And finally last year you got a Metallic Red Ford Explorer- (you really have fallen for Ford, havent you?? ) which has a roll down screen…a remote controlled audio system and surround sound. But  now we hardly have any time for those long drives..You are busy,running behind contracts and trying to surpass last year’s profit..and I am busy, trying to create an identity for my own.

If anything the vehicles in our life are just an indication of how well you done for yourself and for us too…

But seriously, miss those Kinetic days….and you too..




Pranjal Wagh December 8, 2010 - 4:08 PM

🙂 Nostalgia 🙂

Leena December 9, 2010 - 10:58 AM

simple and well written…


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