Good Old days…Revisited!

by Pranjal Wagh


Just about now, I was chatting with my good old friend Ojus Narawane about the lost and gone good old days when he dug up a long lost poem which he had written from his mail archives. Being the nostalgic person that I am, I could not resist the temptation of posting it here, with his permission of course! Its called-

Be Right Back

There are times, when no one understands YOU,
Even your near dear ones, seem very distant to YOU,
Clearly there is something wrong with YOU,
’Cause the entire world seems crazy to YOU,
Wandering all alone, your beliefs and faiths you QUESTION,
Asking whether your grandma’s advice still works in today’s GENERATION,
Sometimes there just seems to be a lot of CONFUSION,
And your mind gets exhausted with too much of the TENSION,
I don’t know WHEN my life, will be on TRACK,
Or when will I retrieve, the patience that I severely LACK,
But when things get fine and a joyful life becomes a FACT …
I’ll give you a big tight hug my friend, and tell you – I’m BACK !


And when I was posting the first poem he dug up something else from his bag of archived poems written during the engineering days. Here is one called –

The Wait…

FEELINGS are the soul’s EMOTIONS,
LOVE is the soul’s CRAVING,
A lonely soul asks for NO MORE,
Just SWEET gestures of LOVE and CARING,
HAPPINESS is what some desire when they ask for BLESSINGS,
PEACE is what they expect to find when they practice MEDITATING,
But a lonely soul, my friend, asks for NO MORE than,
Just SWEET whispers of LOVE and CARING,
The lonely soul craves for its LOVE, HOPING,
Its arrival will give its life a NEW MEANING,
’Cause it remembers, once, a pretty angel SAYING …
BLESSED will your life be,
when you feel this JOY OF LOVING,
And a smile on your HEART is what you will be always WEARING!



Cheers to those golden days,

Pranjal Wagh

25 July 2011

PS : All poems written by Ojus Narawane

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Star July 25, 2011 - 12:49 AM

awesumm…hatsoff to Ojus Narawane….i liked d first one…too gud 🙂


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