Sodi Sonyacha Pinjara ….My take on Entrepreneurship

by Abha Deshkar


PS: I love listening to Marathi Songs. Sometimes there are songs I relate to and derive the meaning for myself, related to what I am doing… This is one such song by Shri Sudhir Phadke… and it goes like this….



**Aakashi zhep ghe re, pakhara

sodi sonyacha pinjara**


For quite some time I have been thinking of becoming a freelancer. I want to write. To be a professional writer, trainer. I also have the requisite skills and motivation. But, I also have a job. A job that provides me monetary and emotional stability. The reason behind why I get up every morning. And yet it restricts me from what I want to do, to become. And so I call it my “sonyacha pinjara”. A golden prison! Yes!.


** tujbhavati vaibhav, mayaa

fala rasal milate khaya

sukhalolup zali kaya

ha kuthvar vedya ghesi aasara **


At the end of every month, this job provides me a fat 😉 paycheck and all the luxuries associated with the paycheck. I can eat the food I want, and shop for the things I desire.

Along with monetary stability, it is a source of my status, of what I am. I often wonder, what am I without what I do.?

But for how long will I be happy with these luxuries. At the end of my life when I ask myself what I have achieved, will these be counted as my success? Years of working and creation of wealth……for somebody else?


** ghar kasale hi tari kaya

vish saman moti chara

mohache bandhan dvara

tujha aadavito ha kaisa, umbara**


What I consider luxury today, is it luxury at all? Rather it is the poison that is slowly but surely sucking out all my creativity, motivation and drive to succeed.

When I spend close to 12 hours being associated with this, is this how my second home is supposed to make me feel?

And yet every morning I find myself reluctantly pulling my self out of my home to come to office.


** tuj pankh dile devane

kar vihar samarthyane

dari, dongar, hiravi raane

ja oalandun ya sarita, sagara **


I have the knowledge and the capability to go after my dreams. I know my direction and the path I want to follow. That is where all my efforts and determination should be directed towards. I should take up the challenges and face the world.


** kashtavin fal na milate

tuj kalate, pari, na valate

hrudyat vyatha hi jadate

ka jiv bichara hoi bavara **


The road is not going to be easy. But then the dreams that I am running behind are also not ordinary. What saddens me sometimes is the fact that even after knowing all of this I still continue to do, what I have been doing and take no efforts to change the situation I am in and end up creating unhappiness for myself


** ghamantun moti phulale

shramdev ghari avatarle

ghar prasannatene natale

ha yog jeevani aala, sajira **


Just think of what all can happen once I break free from this prison! My efforts will bear fruits, my performance will not be fitted into the bell curve of the company, I will get all the benefits of my work, and satisfaction of doing what I like. I will celebrate each day as if it was an occasion!

What am I waiting for then? Break free my friend…Break free!


sodi sonyacha pinjara…..sodi sonyacha pinjara!!




Abha Deshkar



VRaj May 23, 2013 - 12:02 AM

Nice Read. Most of us keep doing Job we hate due to cover ur butt mentality. We often forget if we convert to follow ur gut mentality we can make fortunes. So get up before its late coz you dont know when ur current company stops loving you.;)

VINAYAK DATE May 23, 2013 - 10:33 AM


Niranjan Deshkar May 23, 2013 - 6:00 PM

This is simply Superb Abha !

Not only for its contents in Marathi but also for the thoughts you have woven in this !!

Every person wanting to take “the Road not Taken” & wanting to “make That Difference “can be Truly Inspired by this .
Tennyson’s Ulyssis had similarly inspiring words ” It is never too late to seek a newer world”.

You have made us feel Proud always !!!

niranjan sohoni May 23, 2013 - 6:31 PM

Nice.But why don’t you look upon money as a lubricant without which wheel will crackle.True -the lubricant is not fuel but it is necessary to keep the things going. One who understands the difference between lubricant and fuel is always at rest.from the beggar on the street to the millioner,everyone needs a routine which divides the 24 hours at your disposal into chance and choice.If something of anything is good ,more of the same thing is not necessarily better( true for freedom also!)
** ghamantun moti phulale
shramdev ghari avatarle—-can you imagine physical manifestation of this?

nisha deshkar. May 23, 2013 - 9:59 PM

khup sundar,ashich lihit raha.

Pushkar July 31, 2013 - 12:29 AM

you stole my words…just kidding…

i am abroad since last 5 years…i often listen to this song and exact same things come to my mind every time i listen.

gr8 blogs…keep writing…


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