Come Back Soon….

by Abha Deshkar


At last I have some time for me

I proclaim one Saturday evening

as you are not coming to see me tomorrow

coz of this stupid exam thing


I thought of the many things I could do tomorrow

things I’ve been postponing for quite some time

take a long Sunday bath, clean my cupboard

or I could even put down a rhyme…


But its Sunday morning now

and all I can do is fume

I even finished painting my nails

And now I roam from room to room


I hate cleaning my cupboard

lack of time is only a blame I put on you

and what’s the use of cooking something

when people to eat are so few…


I thought I’d go shopping

coz you never let me do it with you

But I’m bad at shopping alone

and then you’ll disapprove of it later too


And so I sit down to write this letter

on this rainy Sunday afternoon

to tell you how much I miss you

without you I have nothing to just come back soon…




Abha Deshkar


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