Why Marathi Manoos cannot do business

by Abha Deshkar
Marathi Manoos

Its an old gujju saying referring to others who fail in business.
“Jeenu kaam tenu thai…bija karo so gota khai”
So true!
Yesterday I was in Vile Parle, with my father. On an impulse he entered “Panshikar”- one of the oldest and famous (20 yrs ago!) fast food joints of the Marathi vasti-Vile Parle.
The place was steaming with waiters. There were more no. of waiters than the people and all of them were too busy (watching a cricket match) to cater to us.
We got water only after we asked for it.
The elaborate menu card looked good and my father ordered a missal.
“Aaj missal nahi.”
My father let out a chuckle right in front of a waiter, as if he’d half expected it. Being a hotelier in the past, he didn’t waste time looking at the menu again. Instead he asked “Mag kay milel?”
“matar wada”
“Corn wada”
“ek corn wada….” he was definitely hungry.
I settled for a wada pav…coz I didn’t trust what would come and I could see the wada in front of my eyes.
Our order came and I must admit the food was pretty good…
But nobody came for a repeat order.
Next we kept waiting for the bill, which never came and so we paid at the counter.
And I decided never again to visit this place again…
So what did the hotel lose???
# They missed another order, coz im sure if somebody would have come we would have ordered something more, but the attitude put us off.
# Because we didn’t get the bill at the table, the waiter missed his tip.
# And finally even with a good quality of food, cleanliness and reasonable price…they missed a repeat customer.
I seriously wanted to give them some lessons in customer satisfaction…but I let it be.

On the contrary, today I went to an udipi restaurant for breakfast….
As soon as we sat 2 glasses of water were shoveled at us. One anna stood by us, helping us to choose and sold to us a panner mysore masala dosa (the costliest ofcourse!)
We got the second (and third) serving of sambar without asking…and satisfied in the end, we left a good tip. The service was swift and friendly…and so much for just a passable dosa…

As somebody rightly put it ”udyogi la mahapur ani aalshyala ganga dur”

Another example.
I stayed in nerul for 4 years and all 4 yrs I had a Bangladeshi woman to do the house work. Initially I had a Marathi bai for the first 2 months.. but we had a college to attend at 9:30 am and she could not come before 9. On the other hand this Bangladeshi bai came promptly at 7 every morning and so we stuck to her even though she took many holidays.
One more.
I stand outside Andheri station every day trying my luck with the rickshaw wallas. My house is such that the distance is too long to walk after a tiring day but too close for a rickshaw ride.
And in most cases, the rickshaw which takes me home is that of a bhaiyya. I hate to use this word but the Marathi fellows are such “majhkhor” that I thank these bhaiyyas and even tip them.

Marathi manoos cannot do business because what he wants is
# Respect, without wanting to earn it.
# Money without wanting to invest, and
# Fame without wanting to slog it out.

This leaves them incapable of working in competitive private environment and so they are happy with government jobs. They ride high on the job security that Mr. B.T and his illustrious nephew is promising them. But they fail to realize that this is only hindering their growth and the chacha bhatija are not going to come to their rescue. What’s even more worse is the attitude that “me tar nahich karnar, ajun konala hi nahi karu denar”…

Jaaga Marathi manoos! Ata tari jaaga!!!

Abha deshkar
6 August 2010.


Amar Joshi August 27, 2010 - 7:42 PM

Although most of this is true most of the times;

this article was clearly written with some boiling emotions
so, who was it that dissed you ?!

and this trait is not only common between Marathi people
but in India we find a lot of people with shops opened up and they seem to be the least bit interested in what their customer wants and more interested in what they want him to buy.

the Chinese have summed it up really great in their proverb
“An unsmiling man should not open a shop.”

People need to learn the fact that even if you are making millions running your shop,
you wouldn’t earn much if you din’t have any customers.

So always be prompt in your service and also genial. Being servile is not the right thing to do (we find a lot of this in some of the more traditional shops in India, people want to convince you to pay them all your life’s earnings). I mean, try to respect the fact that the customer who shows up is sort of paying you his respect by choosing your service above your competitors and as a businessman, it is your sacred duty to gratify the customer’s demands.

Arani Roy August 30, 2010 - 1:19 PM

Hi..this is the first time i have read a post of yours. came across it via a shared link by one of my friends on facebook.I must say such an honest rendition of ones own community is something i applaud. if only more people could be as compassionate and contemplative as you (suggested by this article) then the marathi manoos wouldn’t need mindless one-agenda-harbouring mass leaders.Keep writing.keep revealing.

Pranjal Wagh August 30, 2010 - 2:43 PM

Hey Arani
Thanks for reading my blog and glad to hear from you after such a long time!
However this article isnt by me but by my co-author Abha Deshkar!
Thanks for the comment tho! And hope to see you again very soon!

Arani Roy August 31, 2010 - 12:10 PM

Pranzzal dude,

I know its by your co-author. I read her name.That comment was for her.I came across it via your shared link. Anyways, really nice blog(this ones for you and her).

Navneet August 31, 2010 - 7:06 PM

Hey Abha…great job!! always knew you had this talent and I totally agree with Arani. this comin form a marathi manoos herself is a big deal…proud of you my friend!!

abha deshkar September 1, 2010 - 11:23 AM

thanks Arani! do keep reading!

@ pranzzal…stop eating footage on my writing! 😉

kunal September 4, 2010 - 4:38 PM

hey hi,
i read your blog for the first time. First, let me say it is a really bold article considering we are living in the world of various Senas. I feel it is a very cynical view of things. If you consider,some of the best invention and innovation have come from Marathi Manoos. Like the Vada Pav.(It is the original 2 min snack),the contribution to the Hindi language. Apun, wohich, jhakaas.
There is a great spirit with which a Marathi Manoos does his work. Who else in India is making a human pyramid and has the courage to send his boy up to break a pot. i guess the problem with the failure to do business is not of the incapability. But of insecurity.
Let us say, that as a gujarati fellow, I wanted to be the cheif minister of Maharashtra. Would it be possible? No. The marathas have dominated the politics.(even at national level). The same is the case with business. Parsis, Jains,Marwadis,Shettys,Sindhis have dominated this space. Only by helping each other. If the politicians stop feeding the garbage of “marathi asmita” (as if the people are lacking it) then i think the transition to this occupation will also take place.
I see no reason that the “rational-mind” of Marathi Manoos which is present in cricket, army,politics,entertainment cant concur this.

Pranjal Wagh September 5, 2010 - 1:55 PM

Hey Kunal,
Hats off to you and your thoughts!
I felt really nice to read your comment!
Thanks a lot!

Anand Joshi August 17, 2011 - 3:03 PM

Excellent article and bit of an eye opener with equally good spirit shown by Author and co authors (Abha and Pranjal) while commenting on responses.

I guess by being in Marathi myself, I feel we are quiet good at taking few hits on us especially the younger lot.

I do happened to have a naukri (bit of a security perhaps?) as well as a family business, so I can most certainly say that we Marathis do have all it takes to succeed at any level no matter what’s the percentage of other communities are in any line. Like you mentioned in the article, once you slog it out, we too can come out among the very best!!

prashant October 19, 2011 - 11:11 PM

@kunal….. well said kunal … this is true …. now new generation will do something on it surely 🙂

rahul October 20, 2011 - 4:36 PM

thumbs up abha. well written again. v @ times fail 2 put our ego 2 good use. v get offensive when others say something. but lack knack of introspection 2 find out root cause. if only v try 2 mend our ways & improve upon points pointed by others, den v can beat our ghosts..

prank June 2, 2012 - 8:38 PM

I was really amazed by your analysis ..very few people hold real opinion rest all are blinded by position’s impose by BL thakre.

Let me start with history of Mumbai ‘s existence …if you read history British got it from Portuguese … during that time Mumbai was Ireland was not having population except few koli communities rest all land was barren ( no human population).

Port were developed lands were reclaimed…Railway was put in place …because of ports most business found convenient to trade from place where goods are dumped and re-distribute to other part of country.

All this while ..no one contested ownership of Mumbai….subsequently india got independent ….every indian had equal rights on resources and they put their hard earn money for setting up textile mills etc ( They could have thought of using their money to leave lavish life or migrate to US / Europe but they were patriotic in some aspect hence invested )……… during those days also no one contested ownership of Mumbai.
When Mumbai became prosperous and more money started pouring …. Marathi asmita’s topic was raised .. Mumbai and its division were in conceptual phase.

Slowly BL thakrre realized Majority of people are outsider in Mumbai hence first time SS allowed SLUM regularization and then congress extended this policy.

This created opportunity for people from UP and BIHAR …this was thought hence only option was left create hatred against this people.

I have born and brought up in this city …during child-hood we never realized that I am not part of city its mine as equally of others .. we will be completing around 160 years in city but now I feel ..isolated and don’t feel city is welcoming.

I was in UK some time back and believe me you …in all MacDonal etc you will find srilankan/ Pakistani/ Bangladeshi / Indian etc.
It makes business sense to keep migrant because its keep operational cost low which in turn helps to keep price reduced.

All IT industry has moved out of Mumbai and now financial offices are moving out…. Bad politics is going to create lot of problem for city and we are going to lose lots of money on our investment in city’s property.

I just hope that good sense prevail ….who ever will work had will succeed in life …we don’t need protection ….I was in chennai for one assignment and realized politician has failed state because of TAMIL pride moment ….imagine if politician can win election on promise of rice and colour TV.

I Just pray we don’t see day when all communities are out of state and Mubai gets stuck in time like Kolkata ( which is bankrupt state ) !!!!!

All the best and keep writing you mind !!!!! i will be on of your fan!

Purvesh March 19, 2013 - 6:18 AM

I completely agree with the article.

I am kutchi, jain bania. Started a company. My mistake to have a partner as a marathi manoos. Took 3 yrs. to build the product. Launched it, got around $20k per month of business within first three months.

Since the product was new, bugs were expected and we had to slow down. We didnot bill the client for a month as giving buggy product is a problem. This is part of business – nothing new.

This was enough to scare the shit out of my partner to the point he is quitting right when we are going to grow and private investors are interested. Throwing everything in whack.

His attitude, I am scared, I cannot do 16 hrs. a day anymore. He expects that I will shut down too. Stupid guy , wasting multi million dollar business.

I have decided – never ever have an partner that is marathi – they are good for 9 – 5 salary jobs, their genes are such that.

Their attitude is like cats, if they cannot drink milk, they will spill it.

vikrant phale April 23, 2013 - 11:53 AM

HIII iam a marathi guy being a marathi i hate the mentality of the maharashtrians they dont want to
do hardwork they dont want to slog for 16 to 18 hrs they are arrogant they think that they are marathi so that they have power but its not the case ( it feels bad when other think that marathi are only for 9-5 jobs) but this has happend becoz of marathi that other people are forced to give such comments i want to share one incident i was at the belapur station was hungry so thought of goin and having a vada pav there’s a famous vada pav wala(maharashtrian) so went and asked for vada pav he said give the money first well thats fine but there were 5 chatnis so i told him that no meetha chatni and dry chatni…. he arrogantly told to his guy( who was serving wada pav) arrey kay chatni chatni kartoy de tyalla kahi pan( means he shouted to the other guy that whatever just give him fast dont give him the options of chatni jo hai vo de do) so this felt bad but they have to learn the imp of customer service which they dont have at ol…hence i hve decided not to go dere again in my life no matter how famous it is but i give it a shit…..

neha April 27, 2013 - 6:37 PM

hey abha..i think u wrote dis whole article by just concentrating on one hotel or 1 bai or 1 rickshawwala…the thing is that people of india are lazy..thats why india is still a developing country..last year i been to europe n i realized our country is 100 years backward to these countries..people there smile when you look at them and foreigners here are being raped when they pass by indians..n i was also pleased to see so many maharashtrians here and there in germany and whole of europe..so stop targeting only maharashtrians..the other communities also have merits and demerits..not only marathis..so first study deeply and write an article..

Kunal May 23, 2013 - 5:39 AM

So Miss Writer, since you youself are a Maharashtrian. You must have the same attitude towards work as described in the article.

Mandar August 8, 2013 - 8:22 PM

Hi Abha,

I appreciate the pains taken by you to do some analysis. The first example looks apt. However the last two examples are completely misplaced.
I have stayed in various parts of country. Although you have praised people from Bihar, if you visit Bihar or UP, people are quite unhelpful and lazy when you stay in their own state. I have spent one year in Jamshedpur and this is not just my experience, but feedback from fellow Biharis. Please understand when you have reached certain level of comfort it is natural with Indian not to come below that level of comfort. I have observed it all over India.
This most surprising information given by you is you employed Bangladeshi maid only because you needed a maid early in the morning. I am sure she must not had held valid work visa. Dont you think you did treachery with the nation before you published this lope sided analysis?
Trust me people from Maharashtra or south are considered to be the most systematic ones. This is why businesses have been successful in Maharashtra or even in Karnataka and mainly in South India. I would be glad to get the answer why at all the successful Gujaratis and Marwadis dont have business in Gujarat or Rajasthan. It is just history of last one century where Marathi people had not been successful at business and businesses have gained quite importance in last one century. But do remember that they ruled and protected this country for quite some time. They are known to have some of the best artists in the world and many of the thought leaders of this country were marathi. Many marathi people continue to hold executive level positions in the businesses. Wait till you get old, you will find Marathi people making their impression in the field of entrepreneurship also. Finally do a complete survey and support your analysis with it. I will be glad to read it again.

Anand Joshi August 11, 2013 - 4:15 PM

Hmm… another of those sadly ill researched typical articles bashing Marathis…

Abha, without me getting too emotional about this, I would really request you to do some REAL research before coming with such trash where by simply comparing a SINGLE bai and a maharashtrian outlet, you are measuring an entire populous of over 120 million people !!! I mean wow… I don’t have words to explain how childish it looks. To understand one’s or any community’s strong and weak points, you need to read through their history a LOT more than simply passing ill judgements based on TWO personal experiences.

Maharashtrians at present are the THIRD LARGEST high capita income community of ALL communities of India (Like Gujjus, Sikhs, Marwaris, Shindhis etc…) and remember Maharashtra is also 2nd MOST populous state of India which means this is certainly a feat in itself.

As for large scale businesses that are currently run/founded by Maharashtrians, I can send you an entire list and obviously it won’t still have everyone covered but it would give you a measurement of the scale you need understand before commenting like this. There is a reason why Maharashtra has most often been front in the race for all economic, social and enterprising achievements. I totally agree with the fact that Marathis are indeed generally looked at as being a bit too arrogant, straight forward which is why if you take the pain to look at the heads of some of biggest indian and international firms (in all industries retail, banking, pharma, energy, IT, auto etc..), many marathis are heading them. They have always been socially very active from stage shows to inventing and leading many social changes.

Simply put, the population of UK is half of Maharashtra and yet, despite having far less diversity, and having a common language and religion, UK took almost 500 yrs to get itself to the level it is now. Compare that with Maharashtra with such high diversity, population, different demographics, what we have achieved in just 65 years is quiet brilliant and needs to be applauded. I agree that much still needs to be done and from the business ends too, but if you look closely through the data over the last 15 yrs, I am sure you will find the amount/percentage of Maharashtrian entrepreneurs has been going up rapidly and after about another 10-15 yrs, you will see significant movement which will hopefully answer all your current doubts.

I understand you didn’t want to be negative in any way and I respect you personal opinion on the subject, however, my point is it needs to be supported with a whole lot of data, research before we simply go and start blaming a population over 120 million people. (mind you, by this scale, if Maharashtra were a independent nation, it would have been 12th most populous country in the world, just to give you an idea of the massive scale here and how we need to give some more time to a population so diverse, ancient with unique geopraphic conditions.) Feel free to have any objections..!!

Thank you,
Jai Hind, Jai Maharashtra!!

Malhar November 19, 2013 - 11:46 PM

Hii Guys..

Its My Personal Review,On Any Angry Statement On Any Community Or Any Caste.My Self Im A Maharashtrian & I Love The Culture & Religion.

Im A DJ.I Work In Night Clubs In Mumbai & All Over India.Basically This Incident Happened In 2012 In December.I Was Working As Resident DJ.I Saw The Club Was Owned By A Gujarati.The Manager Was Set Was Gujarati & The Ceo Was From U.P.

In Fact All The Other Upper Position Were Given To Gujarati,Marwadi,Muslim.The People After The Position Of Manager & Ceo Were Literally Uneducated.Some Were 8th Pass,Some 5th pass & ‘maximum there was guy who was 10th pass after 2 ways’.Then After Some Days I Got Connected To A Person.He Was Around 35 age.He Was Graduated But Due To Reason He Had Given Gap For His Studies.He Was Standing Near Toilets To Keep Clean After Any Customer Makes It Dirty.I Literally Felt Disgusting That Time.I Asked Him About ‘Why Are You Doing This Job,You Have Done Graduation’.His Answer Was Jobs Are Not Avaliable,And Avaliable Seats Are Given To Outsiders.

Sometimes The Manager Used Talk To Me & In Between He Used Tease Me After Being Maharastrian.On My Religion & Language.He Said Me The Same That We Can’t Do Bussiness.I Saw There That These People Who Come From Gujarat or Rajasthan or U.P.Mostly Never Respect Marathi People.They Think We Will Be Quiet.

I Don’t Wanna Say Anyone Any Vulgar Language.I Just Wanna We Maharashtrian Can Do Bussiness Very Well.Its Not Necessary That It Must Be Done By Our Own.Take Partner IF u Trust Them’.

A Big Example ‘Mr Datar’ a Marathi Is Know As Spice King In United Arab Emirates.

I Hope No One Is Angry On My Post.
Everyone Can Respond Me If Im Wrong Anywhere,,,…


ankit December 3, 2013 - 9:03 AM

Hi guys,

as per blog I m little bit agree. But the things are like that if u go anywhere there local people will have same attitude. I was in Kolkata for 2 yrs I also found same thing when I used to go in their local hotels. But when I used to go one hotel name maratha which was from a kokani Marathi person u can’t even imagine the service was superb. during lunch and dinner time the crowd from local bengalis was big even no tables empty u have to wait for sometime.
Also u can’t always think with same mind gujju, marwari u can’t find in other work like social service, scientist and many others.
these gujju, marwari during British were work like their PA they were big chapluse of British. When British left they gave lots of jamin jaydad to these people free. when sindhi left pakistan and came to mumbai then govt gives them lots of jamin to these people in free. Now these people are billionaire.

Also one fact I want to tell u. That u may know these gujju, marwari are from the state were there is no crop cultivated maximum field is useless. That’s why they do not have option ther then business. While in Maharashtra u will find good crop. So u will find maximum people are farmer.
Dhanyawad .
jai Maharashtra

Deven February 5, 2014 - 1:10 PM

Dear Abha,

You are really pinch to Marathi Manus and His “Mothe Nastanahi Mothepanacha Aaao Aannare LoK”



Malhar February 6, 2014 - 1:41 AM

Hey Purvesh..I Have Gone Through Ur View. You Clear Out Everything From Ur Side.But Onething I Got Disturbed That ‘Their Genes Are Same’.I Wanna Ask You Who The Hell Are You To Decide Genes.Do U Have The Right.. According To You Does Every Gujarat,Jain Whatever… Do You Think EveryOne Is Rich.. And Who The Hell You Are Man!..Grow Up..You Are Basically From Kutch Which Is In Gujarat.A 1000 Kilometre Aways Sitting On PC/LAPTOP OR MAC..AND POSTING A DAMN SHIT. WITHOUT ANY KNOWLEDGE… PEOPLE LIKE YOU WHO COME IN MUMBAI… IN LARGE AMOUNT AND DISTRUB THE LOCAL LANGUAGE BALANCE.

Please Get Complete Info And The Post a damn Shit Comment….

we are indians.. ur like a brother.. respect

and peeps keep posting up views..

Hell Yeah!!

prakash S Acharekar February 21, 2014 - 4:38 PM

aaplya madhe ek ghaneradi khod aahe aaplyach mansanchi aapanach karayachi are babanno thanyamadhe ek pani puri wala shu chi pani puri wikatat hota ekaa tari tyachya lokaanni asaa galka kela kaa ki tyaane chukich kela mhanun ulat tyaanni jyaa muline he shut kela tichya charitrya war shintode udawale yaatun he shikaa ki aaplyach mansaanaa bakiche lok kuthlya level paryant sapport kartat aani aapan kaay karato aahot itar prantiya lok tumhalaa kuthalaa dhanda karayala det naahit aani koni chukun wyawasaay karat asel tar asle natadhrasht nako te kahi tari lihun waat lavataat.

Prakash Acharekar

Nilesh February 22, 2014 - 5:02 AM

Dear All
. I read all views & comments.According to my knowledge
all local peoples have laziness,they wanted only rights no responsibilities.e.g.previously America known for Red Indians but now all communities living there.in fact outsider peoples developed America.,In Mumbai ,previously were Koli but now cosmopolitan,something similar like Delhi too,in Bangalore majority business owners have outsiders.e.g.bakery business hold by Malayalam peoples,
. I read 1 article at Belgaum based Marathi paper before 6 years.The writer explained one example,his Malayalam friend wanted 1 Marathi or other community person as an accountant at Thiruanatapuram but not local because of aggressive attitude & arrogant nature.
. I think everywhere situation is same but solution ?……………………….,.,……….

Winspire Global Solutions March 6, 2015 - 11:18 AM

Somewhat true. Marathi People has lot of Maaj, It should be there, but even should have little sense where to use.

Marathi cant run business is 85% wrong, Not just in India Many Marathi’s started there business in USA and UK. for example Shri Thanekar, Ashok Korgaonkar, We dont know this guys coz we are too busy too think about remaining 15%

Maaj dakhava, Risk ghya and Paul kharach padu dya PU

kunal sapkale March 10, 2015 - 1:13 AM

First of all I’ll like to say,’Nice article dear’. The way you write is really good.Thank god you mentioned your surname. Else no one would have believed that we too (Marathis) could write in such a wonderful way.But sorry it’s not applicable to each and everyone of us. It goes for most of us but not everyone. We need to improvise ourselves in many places. And to do that will require efforts …. sincere efforts. I know we are far way behind but it doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Yeah it’s difficult …. but possible. It can be done. It will be done. We’ll do it.

“Walk your path and let them follow”
– Marathi Manoos …

Nikhil May 17, 2015 - 8:30 PM

This will are very racist and treat non maharashtrian very harsh. They only want to rob you if u try to b friend to a marathi. It’s very rare u find a lebral marathian.I pray to god they are treated same way. I was at restaurant bill was 400 and when asked he had no shame to say 750 wen we had bill receipt in hand. Nobody likes this kind of business or service. Even I’ll never to same restaurant again. Cheap mentality… Eye for a eye. They have their marathi population even in gujrat my city and they have started doing castism here !!!

DHANASHREE MHATRE July 3, 2015 - 1:08 AM

Hi ,
Pranjal I m quite upset on ur article, I m quite agree with kunal, see guys you are talking about only mumbai kar marathi manus and about his attitude and behaviour.will you guys please come out from mharashtra u got u same experience in their. Now a days I’m in gujrat u can’t believe it the attitude and behaviour of gujrati people are not acceptable. Trust me guys in our state (sub log a Apne Apne rajoo me boss banke hi rehete he.) As we are in Indian we have different cultures and different climate to our upbringing atmosphere, so basically what we need to do for all marathi mansa dusra marathi manus kasa vagato he paahan soda aata, and make it mejority to at least our blood relatives and go to start any any kind of small businesses it becomes large and largest , try to stay with our marathi comunity and supporting with them only as like others all Indian comunity, jain, guju, marwadis, Punjabi, and south Indians. Marathi manus marathi mansachi tangdi khechan sodun jeva tyala samjun support karu lagel tenva, we can feel it and proud it our self. Marathi mansa business karnya sathi gharapasun dur javach lagta kahi kaal, try to start business in all our states. same as like them those who are already surrounding u as a businessman.

Sidharth Walavalkar July 26, 2015 - 12:10 PM

5 years after this post… its valid… but the tide is turning… for the worst… marathi manoos has found the world as a platform for employment for their kids… so “mazaa mulga america/abc/def’ wins.. kids dont even have an option. I was among the first in my immdetiate realatives to work in US and also quick on return… people still make me uncomfortable by asking…’parat kaa alaa?’… kab sudhrenge… thankfully i have and am doig my own enterprise now and will continue to the best of my ability…. wanted to share it of facebook but dont want to raise a horent’s nest.

Sidharth Walavalkar July 26, 2015 - 12:38 PM

One more comment… Marathi manoos is shit scared… and faltu madhye proud… my father moved out of Girgaon to Goregan because and only because the building go into such a bad condition because
1. People living there were apathetic.
2. Had too many squabbles especially between brothers..why because…kaam dhandya peksha.. hakka var jast focus asto
3. People found easy way out…
… move to suburbs and sell it out
… worse on the sly give it to a local marwadi who will strike deals with local hoteliers to keep their employees.. or arrange for a sell off on the sly because most buildings are paagdi with LIC…. which LIC has stated that they will look at a deal but the occupants were never ready to get together and pay up… they are all regretting now
My father kept fighting and got it to a locgical point that I still have the property and he actually got the building renovated at least so that it survives the onslaught of rains and no maintenance… he actually got the wood replaced with steel beams… nahi tar bamboo chawl hoyala vel lagto kaa?….. I have had umpteen offers to sell it… but have refused.. a little more time… then I will go back and truly get involved as much I should… right now we are just making sure that the property is intact… that much is ok… but a year max… and i am getting really involved…..lets see… the best part is that I am now in the “know” of the dynamics at least…

Sidharth Walavalkar July 26, 2015 - 12:58 PM

And… tel Malhar that if we need to kick Purvesh’s butt… i can contribute a real laafa and a kick… guys.. i dont want to send the wrong message but as Amitabh would say in Kaante…’ the italians have thier mafia, the columbians have their cartel…”… question really boils down to will marathi guys support each other…? we are intellectuals, farmers, traders and warriors… a part of us is sleeping… because we are kind too… chalo ek ek fight bahut hai yaar… even the others have lost a sense of what they are upto… maybe, just maybe a silent reclamation is due!!!

Sidharth Walavalkar July 26, 2015 - 1:08 PM

And tell Malhar that if he wants to kick Purvesh’s butt… I contribute a laafa first and then a kick that uskey genetics bahar niklenge….
But the point is like Amitabh says in Kaante…’ the italians have thier mafia, columbians have their cartel…what do we have..”…. I thiink Shiv Sena tried to do it..but we didnt realize it… but its still not too late… we dont resort to violence… we resort to persistence and intelleigence… woh log samajh hi nahi payenge what hit them- think about it…

Anil Patil October 26, 2017 - 12:23 AM

In fact if one is not biased then, only learned (i mean subject matter experts) people can comment on such topic. Thus you can see most of the comments ate sarcastic, and showing disrespect only.

right from the late british india, and after nehru became pm, he supported blindly these business communities. Their relations are evident. He never make the industrialization and progress a collective aspect, rather making it exclusive for few communities.

many kings and lastely ‘sansthanics’ welcome outsiders (non indians) for business. At the same time there were indian small traders as well from all communities including marathis, but they couldnt prosper bcoz they hv their local shelters and medium of earning like farming. Not only maharshtra but many states locals are weak in business such as oria and north eastern states.

many communities who migrate to other states, become narrow, selfish, and closed minded. They dont honour locals. They dont partner with locals whatsoever capable locals are. Bcoz they hv comple


This issue can call for a big debate.

i hv some questions;

Why business community dont send their children in millitary? B’coz they dont hv courage. Likewise every community hv some demerits, and merits.

why india can fetch gold medals in olympic. Korea is of the size of indian district, who is among top performers in sports.

wait my friend, things will change.


Aishwarya December 21, 2017 - 10:09 PM

Nice article.. Thank U..cuz It helped me a lot….in a way ?

Dhananjay Kaveeshwar May 30, 2018 - 11:36 PM

श्रीमंत बाजीराव पेशवानी उत्तरेकडे जाण्यासाठी रावेरखेड़ी कां निवडले ? ह्या प्रश्नांचे उत्तर रावेरखेड़ी समाधि स्थान पोहचल्या वर सापडेल.
नर्मदा नदी च्या पाटा मधोमध एक मोठे बेट आहे. नदी दोन लहान भागात वाहते.
नावेचे दोन पूल बाधूंन चटकन नदी पार करणे सोपे आहे घोडा स्वारांसकट पार जात असेल.
रावेरखेड़ी हा रस्ता बाजीरावांचा शोध.
मुगल सेना नेमावर येथे नर्मदा नदी पार करीत असे . ग्वालियर शिवपुरी सारंगपुर आष्टा नेमावर पंधाना बुरहानपूर औरंगाबाद असे.
आम्ही म्हणजे आमचे पूर्वज महाराष्ट्र बाहेर श्रीमंत बाजीराव पेशवा सोबत पडले. महाराष्ट्र बाहेर श्रीमंतांनी सर्वास मानाचे स्थान दिले जहागीरदार मालगुजार आणि राजा सूद्धा.
इंन्दौर चे होलकर, ग्वालियर चे सिंधिया, बडोदरा चे गायकवाड़, झांसी चे निबांलकर नागपुर चे भोंसले यांना राजा नेमणूक केली व राज्य दिले.संपूर्ण भारतवर्ष मधे प्रत्येक महत्वपूर्ण ठिकाणी मराठी आहेत. हरियाणा बलोचिस्तान तंजावुर बंगाल आदि।
विषय फार मोठा आहे।
पुढचे पुनः कधी।

Pranjal Wagh November 17, 2018 - 11:44 PM

कवीश्वरजी आभारी आहे!! बहुमोल माहिती दिलीत! आणखी माहिती ऐकण्यास आतुर!! 🙂

Nibisara July 28, 2019 - 1:30 AM

Well not always hard work is the key to success.. if that would have then UP, Bihar would have been most developed states in India. Also they don’t work in their states because they don’t have industrialization in their states. That’s why they migrate to other states. Our state is developed because we got some good Marathi leaders CM’s in past so smart work is the key to success. Also these bhaiyyas work hard here that too at low cost because their family isn’t here. While Marathi men are family oriented mostly . Would you like you man come home everyday? Also Marathis are smart, they allow other people to come in their state make them work then kick them out of state. What’s the point of hard work then? You are talking about respect as if UP,Biharis get respect in Mumbai?So I disagree with your blog.
Hard work won’t give you respect always.
Awe and respect are interchangeable words. Same was with Gujaratis but now they got a good leader Modi who made their state developed. So leaders and smart work will lead to development.

A.F. May 22, 2022 - 3:46 AM

What is the meaning of ‘ majhkhor’ ?

Pranjal Wagh May 24, 2022 - 1:39 PM

In English it means “having vain pride”


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