a thank you and a little more…

by Abha Deshkar

Today I am feeling overwhelmed! As i sit down to write this, I got a  message from my friend, saying that she loved my last post on the blog, and that she too had a kinetic honda on which she learned to ride….I am feeling happy that many people have liked my writing and that blog in particular…

And to think of it, I almost did not post it!! Well I wrote that about an year ago, and everytime i’ve thought of posting it, Ive felt its too silly. I mean there is really nothing in it..except for some old memories of vehicles…which Im sure everbody has..nothing extraordinary..nothing worth mentioning…

And then again how right is it to keep going back to your past…to relive those moments again and again..to cling to those memories… I really must learn to live in the present…

Yet, brushing aside all these thoughts,I posted the writeup, on an impulse..  By now if you are a regular reader, Im sure you know that most of the things I do, are on an impulse…

Anyway I want to thank everybody for the response that I got for the other blogs and that one in particular…



27 posts…to be precise 19 articles and 8 poems…later I can say that I’m a blogger..

And just like that post it almost never happened…

It was 13th of March when I got a totally unexpected offer from Mr. Pranjal Wagh..

And the offer letter said

“Ms. Abha Deshkar,
Would you be willing to contribute to my blog with your fantastic poetry and prose?
And I am serious this time and not kidding!
Do tell me!”


My first reaction was..NO WAY!!

Firstly I don’t write regularly..secondly most people would not even find it worth reading…many a times my poems do not rhyme…my thoughts are not orderly and I just write about things which are stupid!

But something inside me kept telling me i should do it.. and so I did….

I don’t think I’ve ever said this..but thank you Pranjal…for making me a part of this blog…I’ve always wondered why you did it…Had I been in your place I would have just been too possessive about it and wouldn’t let anybody else be a part of it…  😉


They say, the only difficult part of writing is the beginning… I disagree.

The most difficult part according to me is baring your soul in front of others…exposing what you think..what goes on in your mind..

Secondly there’s always a chance of getting misinterpreted…of being classified..Because many a times we write things when we are in a particular mood… people begin to form an image.. which is sometimes difficult to defend and mostly difficult to change…

Sometimes I have to tell people…I’m not as thankful in real life as I am on the blog..I also am not half as helpful or considerate… or even funny for that matter( although I do try hard ;))

But then again you are not here to read how I am actually…..:) 🙂


In a self doubting mode again…

Abha Deshkar


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Leena December 9, 2010 - 11:04 AM

Indeed pranjal really needs to be appreciated…not just for all the blogs that he writes but also for bringing someone else on board…..and m really glad that abha you followed your gut feeling and chose to write on this platform…..

Kudos to both the authors of ‘The Rational Mind’ 🙂


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