Wonder who really killed Jessica???

by Abha Deshkar


Just saw the movie “No One Killed Jessica”.

Alright so somebody did kill Jessica Lal after all. After watching the movie I was numb for sometime.

I felt happy about the fact that the movie shows that if we Indians are capable of standing upn together and when we do support something, we really do it in numbers.(2 Lac sms’es and in those times when it wasn’t even as cheap as today!).….yet, at the same time I feel sick that I am a part of a country where influential people (read politicians) get away with such kind of stuff, making a mockery of our judicial machinery, and all that the common man can do is wait for some “Tehelka” people to take fancy of our case so that they can use it to screw up somebody and in the process…get us justice.

They say JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED. So what did Jessica’s family get? Her mother died knowing that the culprit was roaming free, left her father almost in a crippled state and her sister alone.

After the movie I wondered – What if “Tehelka” had not taken this case up? It would have been just one of those numerous cases. So if I had to thank somebody it really wouldn’t be Sabrina (although her effort and courage is appreciated ), or the police officers( wonder why I even mention them!) it would have been “Tehelka” for taking up this case.

Finally who killed Jessica??  Manu Sharma? NO! He only fired at her. Her friends? NO! They only tried to save their ass!


And now, who killed Aarushi?  Will we have to wait for another 10 years for this case to be reopened ?  Guess my kids will get to watch “NO ONE KILLED AARUSHI” (and I’m not trying to be funny)



And ya,I’m considering not reading anything written by Mrs. Shobha De anymore now.

In her words “The more important issue is simply this: did the movie work as powerful cinema, devoid of recall or emotional baggage? The answer is a disappointing ‘no’. The script is weak and patchy, with the first half crawling along painfully, establishing nothing more than Vidya Balan’s morose mood.”

Dear Shobha AUNTY…Again you get us youngsters wrong! We all were really glued into the movie, some of us even taking the pains to read about this case, before going to watch the movie. And ya, we really liked the movie coz of its simplicity and for avoiding the unnecessary drama and emotion..It was a story well told and there was no need of teary eyed emotional atyachar.

Instead, what we get is a Babe Film – one ( Rani), a foul mouthed, promiscuous , self styled bitch who takes pride in spewing cuss words liberally and wears her official ‘bitch status’ as a badge of honour ( her maid calls her a ‘kutti’ – and the audience cheers!)”

Oh and FYI (for your information 😉 ) we loved the foul mouthed, promiscuous , self styled bitch (Rani) too!

Totally loooved the track of “d d d d delli delli delli delli” 🙂


Abha Deshkar.



Dipika January 12, 2011 - 3:00 PM

Love u abha this is simply awesome stuff u best at it as always;)

Pritesh January 14, 2011 - 8:58 AM

Totally Liked this Article Abha……. Great One….

abha deshkar January 17, 2011 - 10:50 AM

@ dipika and pritesh – thanks 🙂

Rishiraj Jadhav February 5, 2011 - 11:32 AM

Nice n aptly written..conveys the disgust n anguish prevailing in evry rational youth mind..Agree wid ur view in whole..
N d self proclaimed literary pro’s…Shobha de,Arundhati roy..I guess are out of solid n concrete stuff to get spotlight,n hence resorting to rakhi savant style cheap publicity via vague quotes…


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