“We clicked”

by Abha Deshkar


Zindagi tere gam ne hamein..rishte nayein samjhaye..

Mile jo hamein..dhoop mein mile..chaav ke thande saayein…

Have been listening to this song the whole day today…


So true isnt it??? Think of the 5 most important people in your life. Isnt it true that they have come into your life just when you needed them the most?

I have this particular friend (aarti) who has been with me for only 2 days and ended up being one of my best friends. We are not in the same class anymore and neither do we meet very often. But I know that Im there for her as a friend and that she too is there for me. Somehow “we clicked”. I wonder why? There was hardly anything common between us, no particular reason to be friends.Was it the need of the first day, coz we didnt know anybody else, or was it that there was a space for a new friend?


Sometimes people say “we clicked”. Somehow I dont agree to this clicking thing. I believe that we make space for people in our life. Sometimes there are really good people around you. But they do not end up being a part of your life simply because there is just no space. And then they remain there…mere acquaintances…

Sometimes there is a void, a place for somebody to come and fit into it. and when that happens..we say “we clicked”.

And sometimes you have to literally push somebody out, to make place for somebody else… after all “yeh dil hai dil..koi dharamshala nahi haii


Call me an unromantic soul or whatever..

I call myself- A rational mind! 😉


Abha Deshkar



Aarti January 18, 2011 - 3:00 PM

Abha!!!! congrats mam for winning the best blog contest 🙂 !
I am reading ur post n (even commenting) after a very looong tym……n whooooaaa i ws surprised 2 find it includes me!!!!!! 🙂
somehow even i dont agree 2 dis clicking…. i think we wr jus destined 2b friends!!!!!!!
but 4 me…. those first two days of coll wr d d BEST days @ DIMSR!!!!!
and i dont agree with the point -the need of the first day, coz we didnt know anybody else, cause if that ws d case i dun think we would have njoyed each others company….or made those momnts memorable….yes probably there was a space for a new friend….without any expectations or jus without any reason…. we wr jus thr 4 each other!!!!!!! M sure this will continue…. so keep in touch n tc!

abha_deshkar January 18, 2011 - 3:07 PM

Im more than glad u feel that way. 🙂

Sharan January 20, 2011 - 1:44 AM

Hey, interesting….I agree that we make space for people in our lives, like you say, maybe there’s a void somewhere that needs to be filled. But sometimes, people come along who you just know are going to be a part of your life (even if there is no space). It’s as if space itself expands to accommodate them! 🙂 There is a bonding that you just can’t explain, you immediately feel ‘comfortable’ with them.

abha deshkar January 20, 2011 - 9:13 AM

No. Thats the point.If that were so, how do u explain the fact that there are some great ppl around you, but will never be more than an acquaintance in ur life. I believe there is limited space. There could be a void, which u urself may not be aware of…else u make space for them. And thats the beauty of “we clicked!”

vishal patil February 17, 2011 - 8:32 PM

if we really do accommodate people in this voids that we have in our life then isn’t its our selfishness that we harness through this and tag it as friendship something that our generation puts up high in the order , and friendship which is meant to be so pure…furthermore i wonder if this unstable life of ours ever keeps these voids intact to accommodate them… i speak so after one of my best friend seems to have moved apart..and is not a question of making things right …i really is about the disconnect or in your words di- ‘clicked’

Abha Deshkar May 18, 2013 - 2:06 PM

very rightly said… sometimes thebest of our friends move apart… but the best part is we make new friends… just imagine if the old ones never moved away… we never would have new friends.. right ?


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