The ‘Zero-Impact’ protests

by Pranjal Wagh

Human Chains, Candle marches, Signature campaigns….all according to me are of zero use. They have absolutely no impact on the ruling parties or on anybody.

You build a human chain to protest against terrorists…they don’t give a damn about it! Neither do the politicians. You achieve nothing more than media attention and just cause a distraction on the road and also tend to disturb the traffic sometimes!

You light candles to pay tributes to the is good that the citizens remember the martyrs, but these candle marches again have zero effect on the political powers. Above all, it causes wastage of wax and air pollution. Ofcourse, if you burn thousands of candles down, you expect it to be Eco-friendly?

And who is going to clean all the mess made by the wax after the candles have burned down? You?
It’s the same BMC that we blame for not clearing up our ‘kachra’ who will clear up this waste!

Human Chains,Signature campaigns,candle marches are all the weapons of, in my opinion, high society crowd who just want their pictures in the newspapers. They care for media-mileage not the deceased. That is why you have ‘prominent’ TV and Film personalities on news channels discussing about the security issues and political decisions when they know nothing much about them and the only sacrifice they need to do is appear without make-up and act by talking in agitated tones(at which they are experts!).

These high society guys care for only their fraternity. If you kill a common man, it doesn’t bother them! If you kill middle-class commuters returning to their loved ones after a hard day’s work it doesn’t matter to them. What matters are the deaths of the high profile people and the foreigners at the Taj and Oberoi.

Trust me, I have been part of such human chains and stuff…and the passers-by don’t even give a damn as to against what you are protesting!
I guess next time such attacks take place, the people should attack some politician’s house and beat him up. Maybe then they will wake up and be responsible towards the people whom they are said to represent!

It is better not to participate in such futile protests. Instead concentrate on your work and give it your 100%. Maybe that will help the country more than these ‘ZERO-IMPACT’ protests.


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Ibanov, Sir Rekaf December 21, 2008 - 5:52 AM

There is nothing else to say I guess, other than – my thoughts exactly.

And it’s not just the politicians, even I couldn’t care less for such elitist gimmickry.

ScareCrow December 21, 2008 - 5:57 AM

Yeah that’s right!
I remember I had committed the mistake of attending one such Human Chain by YFE against the reservation.
The impact?

Chaitanya December 21, 2008 - 9:23 AM

Thats truly said all these are petty show business. So forwarding mails and making a long chain, writing your name, creating petitions are all worthless and rather very ineffective.
What we see that mostly happens in such cases where people gather in hordes, our gathered public pursue there vested interests like men abusing girls and such foul shows are most that are encountered. Abusing by using bad words and in short taking it as a fun.

Likewise this time when there was a rally on 3rd December, though there was a huge crowd, this was an absolute pure procession and nothing of that sort came out.

Now no conclusions out of this, but this was a big event and has had a deep impact on the minds of people. Mumbai police was touched and overwhelmed by watching the confidence that our people had in them. So few gestured it as ‘A moral boost for khaki men!!’ But for how long is another question.

Immense grief has gripped people. All we can do is put in 100% and ‘Satark rahe hamesha’. Hopefully that could make a difference

ScareCrow December 21, 2008 - 9:47 AM

Couldn’t agree more with you!


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