The Game for the Hot Seat…..and the subsequent neglection of the current issues!

by Pranjal Wagh

Ashok Chavan has become the new CM of Maharashtra State…..New breaking news for the news channel…Good news for his supporters and his party…Bad news for bad boys Chhagan Bhujbal and Narayan Rane & Co..But what about us you dimwitted scumbags? Your greed for power has once again thrown the terror attack and the Mumbaikars out of the limelight!

On one hand we have a three month old baby who is the youngest victim of the attack, a Jewish baby who cannot understand where his parents have disappeared and on the other hand we have that Greedy Rane crying because Congress party did not announce his name for the CM post of Maharashtra. He keeps on saying ” Ashok Chavan mera spardhak kaise ho sakta hai?” You bastard…don’t you realise that it is not the time to carry on bickering amongst ourselves but to face the threat to our integrity with impenetrable unity.

Now Mr.Chavan has been appointed the CM..He will now select his favourite ministers….for that the to-be ministers will try to please him….their meetings….the announcement of the new cabinet or the so-called reshuffling of the cabinet and then the oath-ceremony of the new CM and his cronies….How much time will that waste? Can we afford to waste such valuable time that can be effectively utilized in filling out the gaps of our intelligence and internal security?

Was this new appointment necessary in such critical times? Could the so-called High command not have waited? Could the President not impose her rule on her Home state?

I really do not understand when our politicians will learn and grow up! Like in the story of the frogs in the pond and the boys who keep on throwing stones at them….. “It is just a game for you..but it is we who lose our lives in your games!”

“Tumchyasathi ha fakt ek khel aahe..pan aamcha hya khelat jeev jaatoy!”
तुमच्यासाठी हा फ़क्त एक खेळ असतो ..पण आमचा हयात जीव जातोय!


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