The DVS Factor……

by Abha Deshkar

DVS stands for “DUDHA VARACHI SAAY”…….

Didn’t get it???? Even I didn’t at first. 🙂

You see …in my quest to learn good Marathi I was taking some tips from my dad…..the topic somehow reached my grandparents….and I was told I am the “Dudha Varachi Saay”.

Roughly translated it means all the benefits you get of being the granddaughter …..

I stay with my grandparents and as I wondered if there are really any benefits…..I came up with soooo many of them that I decided I had to write about it…….

1) Grandparent’s house is the only place where sitting in front of a laptop means studying.

2) This is the only place where you get breakfast without having to take a bath. (Hostel is another such place….but then that’s altogether a different kind of heaven!!)

3) This is also the only place where a separate veggie is made for you…coz you don’t eat karela…(the DVS factor….)

4) Grandparents are the only people, who don’t mind your talking on the phone for hours.

5) They are the only ones, in this wide wide world who don’t mention the fact that your nerdy neighbor got 99 percentile in CAT…(screw him btw)

6) The whole society knows you are doing an MBA.

7) And just in case you get a first class, everybody,…mind you …everybody from the sweeper to the doctor on the opposite street knows that.

8) While Mumbai suffers ACUTE WATER SHORTAGE…setting is done with the society watchman to keep water till 11am on Sundays coz this “Dudha Varachi Saay” doesn’t get up till 10!!

9) You come to know that your mom was dead scared of MATHS during her school and college days, so the next time she scolds you for a low math score , all you have to do is give her a smile!

10) The smallest of your kitchen experiments are celebrated and appreciated.

11) You get the best advice on love/marriage/work/home/ and life.

12) You are up to date with the latest gossip in the whole of Andheri .

13) You are the technological master!!!(I once happened to repair our food processor(something was stuck up!!!!) and all the aunties in the colony gave me approving looks for my engineering skills… )

So the point is, while a mother is very strict with her daughter…anything that the daughter’s daughter does is ok…
And dear friends is the “Dudha Varachi Saay” factor!!!!

-Abha Deshkar


Pranjal Wagh April 25, 2010 - 4:03 PM

Hahaha…a great one! You rock!

Rashank Lalan April 26, 2010 - 9:22 AM

Amazing! I can actually relate to few of these…and it makes me smile 🙂 Thank you for making me smile! Keep writing…you really got a knack for it…take care n keep smiling 🙂

Amar Joshi May 22, 2010 - 1:24 PM

Great post !!!
Almost everyone can relate to this. And some of the observations are so true that reading them makes you laugh and say to yourself “That happens to me too”

nice one


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