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by Pranjal Wagh

The Authors @ A Rational Mind


Hello there!

Thank you for visiting A Rational Mind! I hope you liked the blog. If you liked it, do leave a comment. If you did not like it and purely loath it, well, still leave a comment! It does not hurt to improve, you know! 😀

So, this blog was started way back on 30 November 2008 and by the keyboard’s grace has been active since then! Initially this blog was authored by only one person who you can see sitting atop the mountain. But now in order to make the content of the blog more diverse and interesting another talented author was signed at an undisclosed transfer amount! ( and we hope to have a few more talented writers in the future!)

So let me introduce you to the minds behind the words on A Rational Mind. Read about them straight from their fingertips!


Author #1

Pranjal Wagh


I am the founder of this blog and my legal nomenclature is ‘Pranjal Wagh’. I like to think. I like to think that I think a lot of thoughts. And when my small brain cannot hold all those thoughts I write to put them down on a sheet of paper or the blog.

Trekker, Boxer, Reader, Musician, Painter, Artist, Mountaineer, History lover, Photographer, Designer – I am part everything and I believe everything should be  a part of me. (If you understand this statement, then please do tell me because I sure did not understand what I wrote!) 😛

Pranjal Wagh

Once an aspiring fighter pilot and now an engineering graduate in the computer stream, I am now pursuing my MBA in Marketing and I believe that since I have completed my under graduate & graduate education without failing once, I can get through my MBA too! 😉

I have been blogging since November 2008 and I have enjoyed blogging very much as it gives me a platform to speak up my opinions and reach out to a part of the society.

I am very much interested in History, unlike others. I am also very interested in Rural India, unlike others. I am also interested so many things, unlike others. That is why I think I am unlike others i.e. I am unique! Duniya mein aisa ek hi piece manufacture hua hai!

And one more thing, Bhagwan said, “I can commit a blunder only one time!” That is why I am unique! 🙂

I am a patriot and I believe country comes first, always and every time!

I do not stick to one topic while writing, I basically write whatever I think and hence you will find the blog has a lot of different categories.

Anyway, I guess you are here to read the blog ( I hope so!) and not read about me. So here do my fingers stop typing.

Happy Reading!


Author #2

Abha Deshkar

The author of small things

Hi, I am Abha Deshkar, a proud co-author of this blog..


Its been almost 2 years now, and on and off I have been sharing my thoughts via this blog.

Its amazing how I can trace back my entire life through this blog, be it about my work, the day I got placed, college and childhood memories.

I can see myself, 80 yrs young, sitting in an armchair with my latest gadget in the hand, and reminiscing over my life just by reading my articless on this blog…

I like to write about the normal things….the little things in our lives which we sometimes, overlook, forget, hide or break…

I work in the exciting field of Human Resources and meet varied people day in and out, and so I expect to write a few articles on my learning’s in this field too….

Rest, our blog speaks for itself!!!

PS: You may not always agree with all that I write and so I would love to hear your side of it too!

Thanks for visiting this blog and HAPPY READING!


Watch this space for more authors!