Saari umra hum..mar mar ke jee liye….

by Abha Deshkar


I was travelling in the train the other day with my friend. At borivali station,a lady and her daughter boarded the train…and sat right across us.

Now let me tell you that I’m one of those people who just cant go off to sleep in the train…so i do the next best thing that is there to do—observe people… and if you are travelling in ladies coach…you really do not have to worry about time pass…woh toh ho hi jaata hai… 😉

So back to the train…

Right from the start you could feel the tension…as if “abhi bomb fatne wala hai..” The girl, who must be somewhere in her teens, kept herself busy with the cell phone. Mother dear clearly looked miffed….Once or twice the girl looked at her mom and turned away…its like you just know when your mother is going to give you a piece of her mind!

MOTHER :“Why arent you attending classes regularly??”

GIRL : I dont understand what he teaches. Its a waste of time.

MOTHER : Then how do you think you are going to pass??

GIRL: I’m going to study on my own…

MOTHER : If you were that kind of a girl you would have done it long ago… See sneha..”this is the most important year of your life”


At this moment, unable to control myself i let out a chuckle…and i just could not control laughing…..My friend deserted me with a “I’m-not-with-her” kind of a look. The girl was clearly embarrassed and the mother fuming…After giving me a “Mind-your-own- business-look”  the mother stopped..


this is the most important year of your life”   oh really?

How many times have you heard this from different people????

In 10th they first told this to me…. ….and I believed..

In 12th they told me ”Study only for this one year and your life is set” ………… I thought maybe..

In 1st yr of engineering they said ”this is the most important do well in can rest for next 3 yrs..” …………………I really had no option but to listen….

In 2nd and 3rd yr of engineering they said” Only Ist class is not enough..if you want placement, study only for these 2 yrs..placement ke baad aaram hi aaram…” …………I gave it a try

In the final yr they said ” only graduation is not enough…study for post graduation…..”

In the first year of post graduation “First years are always difficult”……i smiled…I had had enough..but in the end my anxiety got over me and as usual I studied…

Now that I’m in the last year (and hopefully the last year of my studies ever!!) i find people telling me…”ab kya…last year hi hai…padh le…”  


And all that I can think of is..

Bachpan toh gaya…jawani bhi gayi…

Ek pal toh ab hamein…jeene do jeene do..

And ya..placement is round the corner again…must start studying..after all its time for my first job now!!


Oppressed…Suppressed and Depressed…

Abha Deshkar 🙂



Divya Haritha October 12, 2010 - 12:48 PM

amazing yaar…hum sab ki kahani….

anahita October 12, 2010 - 1:00 PM

superduper like!

Shaurya Srivastava October 12, 2010 - 2:16 PM

Nice one Abha !

AMAR JOSHI October 12, 2010 - 2:47 PM

Lol @ “Oppressed…Suppressed and Depressed…”

This is a great article.
So precise and TRUE !
not that I followed a lot of advices …
but yeah most of it is relevant to everyone.

Good luck with the FINAL Final year and the placements

this is another splendid feather in your cap.

ATUL SONAK October 12, 2010 - 10:07 PM

After all, for whom we are doing all these things? If for ourselves, why should we complain? If for others, it is also selfish, for we want to tell the world that we have done such and such things for others. So, don’t get oppressed, depressed and suppressed. Try to live in the “PRESENT”. Life is only memories, good or bad and nothing else. Our success depends on how we deal with our memories, how we adjust our memories in various situations.

Any way, you write well. I think, it is in your genes, from your paa, grandpaa and great grandpaaa…………

abha_deshkar October 12, 2010 - 11:09 PM

@ atul kaka..

thanks for reading the blog! Didnt know it was in my genes! 🙂

My only point is that we keep telling kids that this is the most imp year n all which is not true…aisa bolte bolte poori zindagi nikal jaati hai and we wonder ki did we live it at all??? or did we only pass/ fail…all years are equally imp. is the point im trying to make..

Do keep reading!

Ganesh October 13, 2010 - 12:42 AM

Even when you are placed in your first job, there will be again studies called “training”…. Again the trainer will say… “This is the most important part of your job. This training will help you with your job… blah blah blah…” So it goes on and on and on.
Anyway… Life will stop if you stop learning…. You do learn a lot everyday. Thats life.

deepika October 13, 2010 - 3:43 AM

its amazin abby… :*

abha_deshkar October 13, 2010 - 9:10 AM

@ ganesh.. I agree will stop if we stop learning…

What I am against is misleading the kids by saying that this is the most imp year…year after year…
Like I said..all years are equally important is the only point im trying to make.. 🙂
thnks for reading!

Sujan Salian October 13, 2010 - 10:03 AM

Nice thought!! 🙂

Omkar Wagle October 14, 2010 - 12:15 AM

so true man ….. we are always told to take life seriously every year for one year .
I m happy you have written this concept of “baas ye ek saal sabse important hai padhle”

I still remember how many times i have been thru this “last time padh le”
9th class – its important its d base of 10th
10th class – SSC is very important
12th – HSC study well else admission will be an issue
FYBSc IT & SYBSc IT – you have shifted from commerce to science and it has engg. mathematics take these years seriously we know u are good in IT .
TYBsc IT – see this is the final year magical % with ur degree matter a lot

abha_deshkar October 14, 2010 - 8:34 AM

@omkar…im glad u can relate to this…
u mentioned one more thing that i missed…9th std- “base for tenth!!” 😉
thnks for sharing!

Pranjal Wagh October 14, 2010 - 12:39 PM

What are you doing? Isnt this supposed to be the most important year of life too?
Go and study!! 😀 😀

Mala Jaam avadli post!!

Pooja Shah October 14, 2010 - 12:53 PM

Hey Dear… Its very nicely written.

All the best for exams and placements


aarti October 23, 2010 - 2:44 PM

lol…lol… nice! 🙂

Omkar Wagle October 25, 2010 - 10:29 AM

@Abha : really LOL


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