by Abha Deshkar

“Your boyfriend is in JBIMS????????” a girl shrieked 2 tables away …

I instinctively turned…..and then wondered why I did that….but before I could probe further.. I realized I was not alone…half the canteen was now looking at this table…

The girl who shrieked realized this too and beamed at us as if to say..

“Ladies and gentlemen……presenting to you…the one and only…to-be-Mrs.Jamanalal Bajaj


wow yaar…teri toh life set hai!

“minnnimum 10….minnnimum 10 lakhs ka package hai”

“show photo na….” (now that even I wanted to see.. 😉 )

“not bad ha…not bad at all…”


back to our table

“whatever happened to this thing called love” …my blindly-in-love friend spoke up..

“what happened ?”

“I mean how can girls just do this ya… how can you love somebody based on his package??? ”

“It’s being practical..”

“practicality up your  ###”

“What’s wrong in it? you are doing an MBA…will you get married to a guy who has lesser package than you…” – the most practical one amongst us.

“yes! I will…”

“that we shall see!!”

Well, to be frank…i agree to both. While I would certainly not like my future husband to earn less than me…but at the same time… while choosing one I will not choose somebody just because he went to the IIT/IIM… and anyways..while attending an A+ grade college may guarantee you a great first job,I really do not believe in this “Life set hai concept”.

What if the IIM guy decides after 1 yr of earning 20 lakhs that he’s had enough and now wants to do business…

What if even after being from IIM his business sucks??

Worse what if he’s a jerk and does not treat me properly???? even if he earns like a cool crore an year???

This whole “life set hai” attitude is just so gross…

Its like one of those superstitions- We all know it is there…but dont know from where it came, and the worst part is…that we still believe in it.

I remember a quote “Your educational qualifications may take you to the top, but your attitude will determine for how long you stay there”


Suddenly we realized that the boys had been quiet all the time and I really wanted to know how  they felt about it

“Guys…what do you think…package matters?”



Giving me a DO-NOT-DISTURB look…and turning back to stare at the ‘packaged ;)’ junior all that the guys said was ”aaaaaahhhhh……..package does matter”

I give up..really! 🙁  🙁


Abha Deshkar



Neema September 11, 2010 - 1:00 AM

Awsum abhu….I really liked dis line……”Your educational qualifications may take you to the top, but your attitude will determine for how long you stay there”

Harshit September 12, 2010 - 7:21 AM

YES package does matter… but i have a different perspective.. package is important for u to be with dat person..
Its not for dat person but to satisfy d hunger of social animals so dat dey leave “u n d one” alone to live happily…

Sujan Salian September 12, 2010 - 8:47 AM

Nice post abha 🙂

Mangesh September 14, 2010 - 8:43 AM

hey abha nicely written!!
There are two priorities. One is a person himself/herself & 2nd package( earnings)
every individual sets up priorities according to their requirements. 😀
My personal opinion- Person is more important than the earnings.

Nisha September 16, 2010 - 6:40 AM

chhan lihilas.

vishal kamble September 24, 2010 - 6:37 AM

nice article… keep on writing…

nirmal October 19, 2010 - 10:38 AM

heartening to see that some un-practical girls still exist…


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