New kid on the Blog

by amey.sakhadeo

I must admit. I am not a ‘blogger’. I’m almost a noob to the blogosphere. I am not as adept with words and penning down thoughts as you would expect contributors of this blog to be. But my buddy Pranjal feels I’ve got some elements that could make me a good contributor to this blog.

  1. I continuously check my Facebook notes and album for any comment.
  2. If people compliment me in person about a post on facebook, I tell them go and add a comment in my facebook profile.
  3. I am complete internet junkie (quite clear from point 1.).
  4. I need a vent for my pathetic sense of humour and poetry.
  5. I am totally free for 3 months (atleast).

So 3 days and a million “Ive got nothing to post”s later, here I am, posting actually nothing.
But indeed, its a pleasure contributing to a blog that just won 2nd place in the ‘Best Mumbai Blog’ competition!

Oh! Forgot to introduce myself! Hi! I am Amey Sakhadeo. A self confessed computer obsessed geek. Excuse me for the nuances between my kinda of writing and that of Pranjal’s. But I solemnly pledge to keep my post as less nonsensical as possible.

As for the topics of my posts, I have no idea (or maybe I want to keep you guessing). But perhaps some technology updates, cool hacks, my thoughts about current happenings and some light hearted poetry, maybe!

I hope I wont (or haven’t already) let the readers down.


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