My new digicam story…

by Abha Deshkar

“Technology, Realty and men….just when you commit to one…a better model comes up”

I had a taste of this very recently..
Just last week I bought a new digicam…..and I’m unhappy ever since
No. The camera itself is very good…
It’s a 14mp Olympus digicam with 4x optical zoom, 26 mm wide, 2.7’’ lcd monitor, digital image stabilizer, 4 gb data card … all for 8 thousand rupees…

But ever since I’ve bought it, everybody is telling me how I’ve made a wrong choice…
the company..the model…the type…the looks…the place I bought it from…the timing and obviously the price(OUCH!!That hurts!!)

As soon as I bought grandfather exclaimed….for 8 thousand rupees???? I am using my Yashika Camera…for the past 20 years…n its still working properly..
I smile…i have not seen that camera for the past 7 yrs at least…its adorning our showcase for so many years now…Nobody is allowed to even go near it …forget clicking a pic.

Next my sister told me how the faint golden colour is not good….”You should have bought PINK colour….Remember the cam is not only yours….its OURS…”
I wonder why the younger ones always feel that they have a right on everything that the elder one has. I firmly tell her pink is not ”my types”.

Next my friend commented…Olympus???? The company is good for high end cameras…not the ones that we buy…my 12 mp ***** camera is better than a 14 mp Olympus..
I don’t get the rationale behind this, so I just let it be.

The pouch is not dust proof!
Why does the pouch have to be dust proof…I’ll keep it clean!

“Does it have face recognition?”
“Does it have multiple languages?”
“Does it have Black and white photo??”
NO?????????? 8 thousand Rs wasted….

“Its not easy to handle”
You are not the one who’s got to handle it anyways….

You bought it now?? If you would have waited for 2 weeks you could have got a blah blah blah with a blah blah blah
But I wanted it NOW!

8 thousand rupees and you got this???
If you would have put in another 4 thousand bucks you would have got an awesome blah blah with great blah blah with an excellent blah blah
But that’s 50% over my budget!!

You actually bought it from a mall???? *rolling of eyes* You seem to have all the money to waste!
Now Im not even listening…

Do people realize that its ME who has to use the camera for MY purpose and so Ive bought the camera of MY choice … for MYSELF …with MY money that I felt was appropriate….

So many times we forget that our needs are different from others…

# you may need a dedicated graphics card for your lappy coz you are a gamer…But I don’t find it wise to invest so much into it simply because I am never going to be gaming…

# How does it matter if the Iron I buy is a steam iron or not…I anyways give most of my clothes for ironing outside and an iron at home is just for emergencies…

#Yes a Triple door refrigerator may be necessary for a family that eats Non-Veg..but why should you make me feel that mine is not good ???

Again if you observe even people amongst themselves are not sure as to what is good. The cognitive dissonance theory in OB(organizational behavior) states that “people change what they say so that it doesn’t contradict with what they do” What this means is that if I’ve bought an Olympus product im going to say that it’s the best, no matter what I actually believe.

MORAL: If you try to please everybody you end up pleasing nobody…not even yourself…
So listen to everybody and do what you want to do….because that makes you happy.

Abha Deshkar
July 25, 2010


Anahita Gandhy July 25, 2010 - 5:45 AM

Hey nice article….especially the last 2 paras…very true!!

Pranjal Wagh July 25, 2010 - 9:46 AM


Sneha July 25, 2010 - 10:08 AM

heyy simply excellent.. and so true!!!! 😉

ameya July 25, 2010 - 12:06 PM

it has a black n white option…:D
and people who say such things,dont know what olympus is!!!
so dnt wry, u have the best one …:)

vaise,1 dum mast likha hain..

Pranjal Wagh July 25, 2010 - 1:34 PM

It seems you have changed the first line!
It should have been
“Technology, Realty and Women….just when you commit to one…a better model comes up”

Leena September 5, 2010 - 1:12 PM

i liked both— the article as well as your camera 🙂

Kartik September 8, 2010 - 3:06 PM

So true and these are comments that we are used to now!


“Technology, Realty and Women….just when you commit to one…a better model comes up”

I agree Pranjal 😛


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