my boss is a human…

by Abha Deshkar

PS: this post was written after meeting a handful of friends who thought otherwise about theirs! 😉

The first time I met Him was when he asked me a few dozen questions about everything in the world. I surely must be on a high of something because I answered most of it.                                                       And correctly I  did, coz that’s how I landed with this job.

Was I impressed with him?? Of course I was. Here was one person who thought I was capable enough for this job. There was no reason to think otherwise.

My next meeting with Him was on the first day of my office. He seemed so much in control. The whole department revolved around him and I was treated well.

As a new joinee, I was the “aankhon ka taara” of the whole office. I was the princess and he was solely responsible for it. He was an ANGEL IN DISGUISE!


Soon I got adjusted to the routine, “the rut” as they say. I became one of the employees. I got adjusted to the new environment and they got adjusted to having me around. From “aankhon ka taara” i had become “one of us”.

Then came a day, when I was asked to do a particular job. I thought I had done it satisfactorily.

“you have got it all wrong!!” I heard.

“If you do not understand something, please ask.” with my head down I came out of the cabin.

“He is bad at communicating simple things.” I fumed…  From the angel, my boss had suddenly become the DEVIL, whose sole purpose in life was to see to it that I was troubled for each and every second that I was in office.


Then one day, I found my Boss chitchatting and gossiping. You cant imagine the relief I’ve felt that day.

Then the other day I found him tensed.I decided it was best that I keep out of his way and leave him alone, coz that’s how I like it.

Soon I came to know about his family and how like every father he worries about common things like admissions and colleges and how (like every father), he feels he is spending too much !!

Finally things have settled down and I have reasons to believe that my boss must be a human after all. Sometimes tilting this way, and sometimes the other, but then, who knows more about mood swings than me! 😉

We usually tend to place our bosses either too high (angel) or too low (devil)…its important to realize that they all just humans..nothing more, and thankfully nothing less!


Yours faithfully,  😉 😉

Abha Deshkar



amar June 28, 2011 - 11:14 PM

A very interesting post and needless to say that its a very well written
by now if someone says that one of your posts is great you must think in your mind “yeah, i know”

but this correctly documents a very interesting aspect of human behavior
check this link

i was in a lengthy discussion over this image not very long ago

i guess its an innate human quality to sort of deify any superior authority be it a boss or a professor or a parental figure or someone who is just older than you
(that is subject to the condition that the said person is competent or lives up to it – at least for me)

Mango June 28, 2011 - 11:55 PM

its just the beginning … wait and watch … many sides of a Boss :))

Mango June 28, 2011 - 11:56 PM

its just the beginning abby … wait an watch the different sides of a boss and yes the boss is human … 🙂

Harshit August 17, 2011 - 12:58 PM

quite difficult to accept.. coz it makes ur life easier to think dey are devils..
nice.. keep writing..


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