Love: an arrangement ?

by Abha Deshkar


Yesterday a friend of mine very rightly pointed out “ whats with your philosophical mood these days??”  “ sab theek hai na?”

so posting something practical this time….

I wrote this when I was in Pune for the summer internship..I saw a few things and wrote this. At that time I doubted my skills at understanding people…Maybe it wasn’t the way I saw…But after a few incidents again, I feel I am correct in judging a few people…

Do let me know what you feel about it.



My friend and I am standing on a PMT (Pune Municipal Transport) bus stop. A bus speeds past us without stopping. Another is too crowded to get into. We are going to be late for office again. ”I really need a boyfriend” my friend quips in. “one with a bike?” I ask and she grins.

Really. In a city like Pune, you either need your own vehicle, or you need a boyfriend who has one. Because public transport is a mess and rickshaw drivers take you for a ride.

I am in Pune for the past 2 months and with IT professionals everywhere, am getting a hang of this world. I am surrounded by youngsters of my age …and this kind of attitude is common.

Ask a girl what is it that she looks for in a guy, and the reply is prompt, a house and a bike, rather an arrangement.

One guy I know travels half the city to pick up his girlfriend from her hostel. Then they go to office which is again on the other side of the city. In the evening he must repeat the same.

Office timings are 10-6. But since most of the people stay in a hostel, there’s nothing to go home to. So they end up spending 14-16 hours together, and when you do that, you tend to get comfortable around each other.

Then night outs and pyjama parties are a must. And with hormones working overtime – ”things happen”.

Friends suddenly become boyfriends and girlfriends get converted to “a good friend”.

One friend told me ”don’t be surprised if I get married to someone else.” Oh no dear, I really wouldn’t be..

In all of this madness, some people actually fall in love. They are committed to work things out, even if one of them gets posted to some other location.

Call it my short sightedness or complete negligence at the positive things in life, I couldn’t find many whom I could put into this category..But then again, I hope they prove me wrong.

A few days later

I am standing alone on the PMT bus stop today. A bus speeds past me without stopping. Just behind the bus on a bike I see my friend. I smile. A little embarrassed, she smiles back. I hope she has found her love and not an arrangement.


(Dejected and a total non believer that students just out of college must be sent to far away places….for the “so called” training….)

Abha Deshkar

1st june 2010


Shaurya Srivastava October 29, 2010 - 1:04 PM

This is your best post so far. True reality not only in Pune but all metros and class A cities !

Nice one !

Prasad Karlekar October 30, 2010 - 3:33 AM

very well said.. !!

Shweta October 30, 2010 - 8:55 AM

How True !!!

Sambhaji November 8, 2010 - 2:52 AM

It’s complicated!…


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