In conversation with Anand Pethe

by Pranjal Wagh

About his recently published debut novel – Just Another Love Story


A Rational Mind (ARM): Anand, Tell us something about yourself. What is your academic background, your education?

Anand Pethe (AP): I am a Chemical technologist from UDCT. Later, I went on to do my Masters in the technology of intermediates and dyes (colorants) to understand what exactly research is all about and I enjoyed it thoroughly!

ARM:  Anand, You being from a pure Technological background, how did you hit up on the idea of writing a novel?

AP: I have been writing since the time I was in school. In fact, I was in the entertainment right from my school but never took it very seriously until a few years back. Although I am from a Technological background I enjoy Science & Arts both. Probably, I enjoy Arts more than Science.Moreover, writing is my passion and I enjoy writing very much. I am just converting my passion into my work. That’s all! 🙂 If you consider the most successful people on the planet you will see one thing common in them they are extra ordinarily passionate about whatever they do.Here in no way am I comparing myself to them or saying that I am successful. I only mean, if you enjoy what you do & do it passionately, you will excel in that. That is the mantra!

ARM: Anand, your novel is a love story. Tell us, have you drawn inspiration for your novel from incidents in your life?

AP: Although I have drawn inspiration for some events in the book from certain past incidences in my life, I would maintain that it is a work of fiction and not a true story. I have acknowledged the individual who was an inspiration for this love story and thanked her in my book. You may say the protagonist is named Anand after me.But the fact is I wanted to name the protagonist Anand.

ARM:  So can you tell us what this novel is all about? Just a hint,perhaps. And why the name – ‘Just Another Love Story’?

AP: Well,the name tells the fact that it as a simple love story like that of any other couple. It does not involve a huge emotional drama. It is a light story but has a very serious subject. The central idea subtly represents the cultural values that the Indian youth cherish. I have tried to balance the blend of modern thought and traditional beliefs carefully. The novel is meant for the Indian reader and it will appeal to him because for a Westerner the concept of virginity is as good as non-existent.But an Indian reader will immediately relate to the situation when Anand is going through the mental dilemma. It is not only that but also how the present day generation is misusing the freedom & adapting to the western culture. It is about how the protagonist gets confused between the eastern and western cultures. At this point, I will not reveal more than that.

ARM: Anand, this novel is co-authored by you and Deepti Ingle. Tell us how did Deepti get involved in the writing of this novel?

AP: Deepti and I are batch mates of UDCT. She now works in Thermax, Pune. Well,I had written the original draft way before we both came to know that we are interested in writing. During my M. Tech reunion we came to know that we share a common passion – writing. I showed her my draft and asked her to edit my work and that is how the tedious journey of making & editing 7 drafts in all began before we finally published the novel. So I would say the idea and concept behind the novel was mine but she is the contributor towards re-writing and editing of the novel.

ARM:We’ve heard that you are a hardcore movie buff. You’ve also done a few courses related to acting & script writing. Tell us something about that too!

AP: If you have read the novel, by now you would have realized that I am a visual story teller.I have got this compliment from almost every reader who has read he novel. I am very passionate about films and drama. I have done basic & advanced theater acting course under the guidance of noted Marathi play director, Prof. Waman Kendre who has directed famous plays like Jhulva & Ranangan. I have acted in Ekankikas (One act plays) as well. But my real passion is film-making. I am currently pursuing an extensive course in screen writing and direction as well as writing my 2nd novel.

ARM: Second Novel? So are you in the process of penning your second book? What is the plot all about & when can we expect the book?

AP: Yes, I am currently working on two subjects. I am yet to finalize the subject for my 2nd novel because I like both the subjects equally. The first plot is all about an Ego clash between personalities while the second plot is the journey of a passionate rebellion. Completion of the book will take some time, so you can expect the book to be out by next year or so.

ARM: Anand, on a parting note, what suggestions would you like to give budding authors?

AP: Never Give up. It is a long & hard process and success will not come to you very fast. But remember what is said in The Shawshank Redemption – Hope is probably the best of things and good things never die. So keep the hope alive and you will finally have the joy of getting your book published. That’s pretty much about it.

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