A story to tell…

by Abha Deshkar


“This fridge came home on your 1st birthday…”.. my granny loves to tell this particular story again and again.. “ and see how nicely it has worked for over 22 years now” ….. “Never..never has it given any trouble….may be except that one time when the fuse went off…and then you know ….”

                                   ………………and the story continues to how my 1st birthday was celebrated and how the delivery of the fridge was supposed to come one day before but it eventually came on my birthday…and how she got late for it and how my “father stayed up all night one day before making shrikhand for the odd 50-60 guests expected for the next evening”God! such a long story over a fridge!

To think of it, every piece of furniture in my house has a story to tell….

“This mixer on a particular diwali” …..

“This TV was bought home on the day your mama completed his education…” 

the bed, cushions…even the curtains….”these curtains were made 2 years ago, when the whole building was renovated..and the old ones got too dirty because of all the dust..”

“this sofa set…is older than you” my granny grins….

Just how are these made????

I remember a few years ago, this thing called “blender” was very famous.. and I remember my mother waiting to buy it..and when she finally did, it was from her increment… and so she remembers, because there are so many things attached to it..That’s how these stories are made, I guess…


Recently a friend of mine got married.. and I know she and her mom were busy setting up her new home.. and that she bought a fridge..a microwave..an AC..crockery that matched with the colour of the cabins..and at that time I thought…oh how beautiful…

Today when I think of this, I wonder will she have a story to tell to her kids???

Will I have a story to tell??

And so I have decided that when I get married ( I know what you are thinking…looong way to go..dont even ask..!! ;)) ..I want it all …but gradually….on our own.. I think there is a certain pride that is attached to it…the kind I see in my mother’s eyes today…and that is something I want to live with..

so that I too will have, a story to tell…..



Abha Deshkar


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Pranjal Wagh November 19, 2010 - 12:28 PM

Nostalgia! 🙂


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