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A Rational Mind

Wipro and My Spineless Young Friends!

My thoughts on the current Wipro-Students jhol!

A few days ago Wipro Technologies sent out emails to engineering graduates that they had recruited from Kolkata that Wipro would not be able to offer them jobs in IT sector looking at the current market situation and that they would be offered jobs in Wipro’s BPO sector. Further they said that the engineering grads would be incorporated into IT sector after 12-15 months of service in the BPO sector.

There was uproar and a general wave of fear amongst the engineering grads from Kolkata, which was obvious. The protests that followed were apt and correct. But some of the statements given by the students that I read in newspapers were shocking!

One of the students said that since they would be offered jobs in Wipro BPO their pay scale would be reduced from the promised 2.75- 3.25 lacs p.a to around 1.5 lacs p.a. True, this may happen but what followed further was mind numbing for me! The same student said that they were ready to work in IT sector of Wipro for a lower salary than the promised sum but that they should not be put in BPO!

Also some of the students were saying that they were ready to wait a few more months but that they would want to join the IT sector of Wipro!

I was surprised to see such attitude from Kolkata youngsters!
विप्रो जोइन करने के अलावा और कुछ दुनिया में बचा नही है क्या?

Has the world come to an end?
Were you thinking that joining Wipro is the peak of your career? Were you thinking of never leaving Wipro and continuing to survive in that stagnant environment where their would be limited scope for your progress?

And what is this I hear about you people being ready to work for a lesser salary? Why?
Do you guys have no self-respect? Why should you work for a lesser amount? Why are you allowing Wipro to go on reducing your value?

Why should you work in the BPO industry which will ofcourse involve night shifts that will ruin not only your biological clock and your physical and mental constitution but will also involve hearing obscenities and racial abuse from self-proclaimed superior westerners!

Why are you guys ready to wait for some more months and join Wipro? Haven’t you guys waited enough? You were recruited in June/July 2008(atleast I was!) and are being called in March 2009!
Last year Wipro called recruited grads from my college in January! And when I was also called in March 2009 my decision to join Wipro started to dwindle! Well, I don’t think much of a company that wastes so much valuable time of their to-be employees! Why can Wipro not call its recruited grads if the other IT biggies of India can. And why the hell shift the recruited grads into BPO? नौकरी दे के एहसान कर रहे हो क्या?

I am surprised to hear such comments young Kolkatans. West Bengal is the land of Netaji SubhashChandra Bose. Of Ravindranath Tagore. Of Jatindranath Das …It is the home of so many freedom fighters, revolutionaries,scientists and great social workers that their names would require many such posts! Kolkata is the land of communist movement in India! The leaders here have long worked for the benefit of the working class!It is in is land that the youngsters are at the mercy of a company like Wipro? Why?

Is there nothing worthwhile to do than joining Wipro? Think. The world is an ocean of opportunities! Join the civil services! Get your masters degree! Do your MBA! Get your doctorates! Give GATE,GRE,GMAT and increase your qualifications rather than being at the mercy of Wipro!
Join governmental services or better, defence services to ensure job security and immunity from the pink-slip! It pays well now after the sixth pay commission and also offers variety of facilities!
As one of my teachers has said, ” This time of recession is the opportunity for youngsters to educate themselves more and more!”


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