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A Rational Mind

The Road, the Trees & You


Many of my blog posts are the result of thoughts, thoughts which spring up in the unlikeliest of places at the unlikeliest of times!

This one has been generated out of a thought that took root in the soil of my mind while I was visiting the Palghar region of North Konkan – touring the Shirgaon-Mahim-Kelve forts and beaches on 28 April 2010.

It all happened when I and my friends Sanish and Manish (the names rhyme! :D) were travelling from Mahim to Kelve throught the beautiful, narrow, tree covered and tree lined roads of Konkan with tiny villages scattered here and there.We could feel the heat but we were protected from the sun and his artillery barrage of burning sunlight by the presence of trees on the sides of the road.

It was then that a thought came to my mind!

This (Indian) road is like our life!

It is bumpy more often! A smooth ride is a rare phenomenon – even on Indian roads! It twists and turns and makes us reduce our speed of progress.It puts obstacles in our path and makes us stop sometimes and makes us wonder, did I choose the right path? What do I do now to correct my mistake?

Many people commit suicide when they take a wrong turn on the road of life and end up where they did not want to go in the first place! Do we stop travelling at all and just sit there, if we lose our way,while on the road? No! We try to rectify and always, always  try to find (and usually succeed) in setting ourselves on the right path!

Then why not follow the same example in life? Makes sense to me!

The lush green trees that line the road and provide the travellers with the cool and much needed shade are like the wonderful family and friends that we get in our life!

Both do the job of protecting us and also helping us withstand the harsh sunlight of problems in life!Family and friends offer us support when the heat of problems become unbearable. Sometimes a cool breeze which is like an assurance of support or just plain advice, cools us down when things get heated up too much!

But sometimes there are some roads in life in which there are no trees and the sun is shining like there is no tomorrow. In this phase of life problems are available by the ton but there is no one in life – no family, no friends to support you.

It is in times like this that we must find the friend and family in ourselves.

It is in these times, that the long lost advice given by your father-same advice which you had ridiculed and mocked-helps you move ahead!

It is in these tough times, the memories of the soft and heavenly hugs that your mother gave you each day, comfort you.

It is in these harsh times, the presence of a single tree in the sweltering heat is like the assuring hand of a friend on your shoulder.

That same hand which says, “Do not worry! This too shall pass! And you have my support in your endeavors!”.

That same hand which makes a person beaten down to the ground stand up tall and face the blows of life unflinchingly!

It is in these tough times, people learn to live life – own their own!

It is these tough times that heroes are born.

When the tough times do get over (and they always get over) then there are always roads which may not be smooth, but they always have lush green trees to offer you shade!




Pranjal A Wagh

28 April 2010

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