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The Paperweight

On the occasion of International Women’s Day I would like to share a beautiful thought by one of Marathi’s great authors – V.P.Kale lovingly known as VaPu by his fans.

This thought signifies, reasserts and reminds us all of the importance & necessity of a woman in a Man’s life.

The thought goes as this:

व.पु. काळे म्हणतात,

"बायको म्हणजे कशी हवी?…

आपण बिथरलो तर आपल्याला सावरणारी हवी ,

स्वतःच बिथरणारी नको,

थोडक्यात म्हणजे पेपर वेट सारखी हवी,

खालचे कागद फडफडतील पण ती स्वतः गडगडणार नाही,

चळणार नाही,

नी खालचे कागदही उडू देणार नाही."


The English translation is:

VaPu Kale says:

“How should a wife be?…

If we get disturbed, she should stand firm and support us,

Not herself be disturbed.

In short, she should be like a Paperweight

Even if the papers beneath are ruffled by the winds,

She should not be affected by the wind, not even shake

She should be so strong that neither should she flutter in the wind

Nor should she let the papers underneath blow away!”


Happy Women’s Day 😀



Pranjal A Wagh

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