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The horrible head-on collision at midnight!

Witnessing a head-on collision between a bike and a bus at high speed at midnight………

07 March 2009

Approx. 0000Hrs.
Siddhivinayak Temple Junction

(Map gives approx location of accident)

Me and my friend were standing near HDFC Bank, Prabhadevi (Opp. Siddhivinayak Temple), chatting, when we heard a loud crash. Turning around we find a huge cloud of dust and flying human bodies, a bus speeding away and a bike thrown away!

My instant reaction was to phone the emergency ambulance helpline and call for the ambulance. The helpline guy assured me that the ambulance would soon arrive.

By now the police near the Siddhivinayak Temple had got to the spot. The bus driver had fled. The two bikers were lying stone-still knocked completely senseless by the speeding bus.

The Police and the “extremely” helpful public first tried putting the two injured bikers into a Taxi. But when attempts failed they were put in a police wireless van and sent off to the hospital.

Luckily for the two injured guys that they were involved in an accident at a busy junction with good police presence that they got immediate and prompt help. Due credit must be given to our police for being ever so helpful! And we must not forget the ever awake Mumbaikar! We are the city that never sleeps…the city that is always ahead in offering a helping hand!

Kudos to the public and the police!

07 March 2009
Approx 0015 Hrs
Siddhivinayak Temple Junction

Our investigation begins….

When all the crowd cleared and normal traffic resumed, we moved towards the smashed bike that was parked on the roadside to do a little investigation of our own.

The entire bike was in good condition except the front part. The headlight of the bike was gone, so was the fancy ‘face’ of the bike. The handle was twisted and the key was still in the bike! From the looks of the bike, we drew the following conclusions about the nature of the collision:

  1. The Bus and the bike collided head-on! The bike was obviously no match for the monstrous bus.
  2. The bikers never wore any helmets. There weren’t any helmets lying nearby nor did we see any on the biker’s heads when the accident happened.
  3. The bikers nor the bus driver ever must’ve thought of slowing down. Even though they saw each other approaching. I wonder why?
  4. The impact was of such great magnitude that the chappals that one of the biker wore were found atleast 20 ft apart,the front portion of the bike was smashed beyond recognition and the human bodies were thrown with such violence that when they hit the ground they lay like the dead on the road.

The bikers never wore any helmets!! That was one thing that could have reduced their injuries! Its by sheer luck that they have survived a head-on collision with a speeding bus but what they should have done was worn helmets and slowed down when they did see the bus approaching at
high speed!!

The bus driver could have also slowed down. Why the bus drivers drive like their rear is on fire only they know!!

A little traffic discipline can go a long way in saving lives!


Pranjal Wagh

PS: And all this time the “Emergency” Ambulance hadn’t even arrived!!It was approx 0022 Hrs when we left the accident spot and the ambulance was not even there! Emergency ambulance, my foot!

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