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A Rational Mind

The Greatest Thing About You


When I am tired of the world
And it frustrates me through and through,
All that keeps me going ,
Are the great things about you!

They say women talk too much
And I won’t say they are wrong! 😉
But for me your voice is melody
And your speech, a song!

What brightens my day up,
Is your million-dollar smile,
To get one look at those pearly whites,
I will undertake a thousand exiles!

When I look into your mysterious eyes
And you look back into mine,
I feel strong and weak
Both at the same time!

However confused I may be
But when I am with you,
I know exactly the man I want to be
And I know what I want to do!

And that is why, the greatest thing about you
Is nothing else but only you!
And that is just one of the reasons, my dear,
Why I, truly, deeply, madly, love you!

– Pranjal Wagh

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