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A Rational Mind

In Life, I trust


I used to rule the skies,

Soaring high above the nation!

With my dreamy eagle eyes

And on the wings of imagination!


Dreamt of being an Air Warrior

And of Touching the sky with Glory!

By Breaking the sound Barrier

And writing my own Story!


But not all dreams come true

And neither did this one.

I fell out of the blue

To Crash and Burn!


But never the one to give up,

I tried again & again to fly.

Until they said, “Time’s Up!”

Dream shattered, I tried not to cry.


Defeated and all Alone,

Tears streaming down my face,

Never wanting to come home,

I still wanted to become a flying ace!


Picking the pieces of my broken dreams,

I stood alone that night in the rain.

Screaming silent screams

And crying out my pain.


I felt it was better to die

But I never thought of suicide.

I don’t know why

But for that I feel pride!


Years have passed by,

I have seen many new dreams

And very hard, I did try,

To make them come true!


Some came true,

Many bit the dust.

But I know I will get through

Because in Life, I trust!


– Pranjal Wagh

07 October 2011


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