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For all Voters…

The polls are nearing.
I do not think I have a chance to vote because the voter’s card hasn’t come yet.
But for all those who get to vote I have one suggestion (or advice if you may call it that!)

Think only about the candidate in your constituency.

Do not vote for a particular party just because you like their prime ministerial candidate.
After all who you vote in your constituency will ultimately matter to you. Not the head dude/dudette in the PM’s chair.
Check the records of the candidates running for the LS polls. Make sure they have good records, that they are not criminals and that they keep the promises they have made.

www.mumbaivotes.com is an excellent site to check on your candidates credibility (although limited to Mumbai). I would like to thank Mr. Satish VijayKumar of Bombaylives! for this great information.

Start thinking from the grass root levels. Remember one thing ” Drops make an ocean”

When you select good candidates at constituency level, in my opinion, the whole nation will be benefited.

Pranjal Wagh

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