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A Rational Mind

A Walk To Remember….

20 years ago these same hands
On the very road that I currently stand
Guided me and immersed in talk
Slowly and steadily i learned to walk

These same hands then held me firmly
With complete trust I let myself be
Under his watchful gaze, yet I felt at par…
Running away…but never too far

He held my hand and led the way
Gently tugging when I strayed away
Wiping my tears, soothing the swell,
Picking me up every time I fell.

Today again I slide my hands
into his which have softened by time..
Nothing is said there isn’t any need
sometimes even words cant exceed….

And we walk like those good old days…
This time me leading the way
Hand in hand we take steps together
Surprised at the way life does alter

Along the way he stumbles a bit
“am I going a bit too fast?” I think
And I slow down with my grandpa in tow
Coz he did the same…20 years ago.

-Abha Deshkar

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