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2 myths…..BUSTED

Myth 1: People have their own problems. Why should I trouble them with mine.

Once due to severe acidity problem, I just could not sleep at night. It was 3pm when I realized I needed to do something about this. Now who do I call? Half scared I called up my friend. He was in deep sleep. “I just cannot sleep!Am feeling really uneasy”

Then at 3 in the night I learned how to puke, and felt good immediately.

“I am glad you called me.”

Seriously ? I asked..

“Yea really…I felt you do trust me and I’m glad I could help”.

“Abha! Will you please make those 10 slides for me” my friend calls up at 6:30 in the morning. I am barely awake and mumble a yes.

“Thank you so much.. I am so sorry to have troubled you.”

“Trouble?? No problem ya..”

So many times we feel, why trouble somebody else with our problems. I’ll deal with it my way and then if I want I’ll tell somebody.

But do we realize that sometimes we feel good(even great!) when somebody comes to us for help. We jump/leap/run towards that person to help…and feel good about it..

Myth Busted: So the next time you feel you need help, just ask for it. You never know whose day you’ll make. 🙂


Myth 2: Its OK if I miss a few of the happy occasions,in times of  trouble I’m always there.

Kishan Pandurang Kamble, fondly known as “Kishen mama” has been working as a waiter with the Ambassador Group for almost 20 yrs now.

I have personally seen some of the ups and downs in his life. Like the time his wife was really unwell, and he needed money to cover the hospital expenses… or his daughter’s wedding, modest but very nicely done, which had better food than most of the lavish weddings I’ve attended !!

I still remember the day he and his wife came of invite us for the wedding of their only daughter. They were really excited about it and had thought of the minutest detail.

When the D day finally came, my grandparents had come over to stay with us. Because we couldn’t take them along, since that would be too many people and because we couldn’t leave them alone, my mom volunteered to be at home.

Kishen mama was really disappointed that madam, who had helped him in times of need could not be there on this important occasion. “You should have brought  aai-baba too”, he told my father.

Many a times we think, so what if I could not attend his/her wedding or birthday..I was there to support in times of trouble. Thats what friends are for right? WRONG.

Also we feel that when we have guests, we cant take them along, because the person who has invited may not have taken into account so many people. But I feel if I am paying for say 100 odd people I might as well pay for 2 more, so that people who matter can be there.

And so it is equally important to be there on these happy occasions as it is these happy moments people want to us remember about them.

How about you meet your friend after a long time. Would you rather have him say “Dude! remember the time you borrowed money from me and couldn’t return for a long time” or “Wow! that was one rocking party you gave”

Myth Busted: It is equally important to be present for the happy moments of others.

BTW, pizza party tomorrow! Be there! 😉


Abha Deshkar


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